Son Wants To Fulfill Dying Mother’s Wish Of Playing Doraemon Nobita’s Story Of Seasons

Son Wants To Fulfill Dying Mother’s Wish Of Playing Doraemon Nobita’s Story Of Seasons

Today we have a very heartbreaking story to share with you coming from Taiwan.

Loh Fat Ho recently put out a very emotional story about his mother who was diagnosed with last stage cancer in 2015. Doctors told his mother that she only had 3 months left to live, but miraculously, she has managed to live up till today thanks to Chinese medicine.

Unfortunately Chinese medicine has its own limits, and the cancer has spread to other parts of his mother’s body. As you can tell her condition is very critical as she could pass on anytime soon.

Fat Ho’s mother has one last wish – to play Doraemon Nobita’s Story of Seasons, the new Story of Seasons game coming to Nintendo Switch. Apparently Fat Ho’s mother is a big fan of Story of Seasons as she had always played the games on a daily basis. The “not very filial” son hopes Bandai Namco Entertainment will help to fulfill his mother’s wish by letting her play a demo of the game.

Here is Fat Ho’s Facebook post which you can share with your friends (disable browser privacy settings if you couldn’t see it):

My mum, she really likes this kind of game, Story of Seasons. Last time when she was a full time mother, she would always spent some time like half an hour to play this game.

Unfortunately, in 2015, she was diagnosed with last stage cancer and the doctor said she would had only 3 months life.

However she still used her determination and fed on Chinese medicine to survive until now.

Early of this year, the doctor said they had tried their best, the cancer had already spread to her whole body and she could be gone anytime by now.

Last few days, she received a news saying that the new version Story of Seasons is coming out soon. She is really looking forward to it.

I knew there was a foreign player exactly similar to my mother’s situation before, and Nintendo makes the dream comes true.

I’m not a really filial guy, but I hope I can fulfil my mother’s little wish. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Sorry for little over just now. The main concern is is the game going to release in short time? If it still needs a long time to prepare, is it possible to let my mum have a trial first?

Hopefully Bandai Namco will help Fat Ho out with his mother’s last wish.

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Thanks, Brandon.