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Goodies In Japan | NintendoSoup
Sonic Mania Plus For Switch Physical Copies To Come With Additional Goodies In Japan

Sonic Mania Plus For Switch Physical Copies To Come With Additional Goodies In Japan

Sonic Mania Plus is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Japan later in July. If you are intending to get the physical copy of the game in Japan, you’ll be getting some more goodies on top of the game.

Some of the goodies include a 36-page artbook, an original 54 track (2CDs) soundtrack, a Sega Mega Drive style reversible cover, a special box, as well as, a copy of the game.

There will also be a special DX pack made available for ultra fans of Sonic out there. The DX pack will include a few more additional goodies such as a Green Hill T-Shirt, A Sonic Canvas Pouch, and 3 Magnet Art.

The physical copy will retail for ¥4490 while the DX pack will retail for ¥7490 and both of them will go on sale on 19 July 2018.