SpiritSphere DX’s Huge Update Is Coming on November 15

SpiritSphere DX’s Huge Update Is Coming on November 15

Fabraz, the developer of SpiritSphere DX, has announced SpiritSphere DX’s major content patch 1.1 will be released to Nintendo Switch owners on November 15, 2018.

The content patch will add Slime-san as a playable character, a brand new circular arena, and a bunch of new unlockable spheres. Unfortunately, there’s no mention on the stage editor.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming update below.

Slime-san, the hero from the game Slime-san, will join SpiritSphere DX as a playable character! Slime-san doesn’t have a traditional swinging attack but instead can both dash and jump around the arena, making him one of the most agile characters out there! On top of that, thanks to his slimy body, Slime-san can stretch himself horizontally in the hopes of catching any spheres flying past him! Make sure to play his campaign to experience Slime-san’s story!

  • Say hello to a brand new arena! This circular stage will have spheres bouncing off in all kinds of weird directions! The dojo also comes with its own unique yokai to deal with in target mode.
  • A bunch of new unlockable spheres will be added to the fountain including a sphere that randomly changes its type!