Splatoon 2 Developers Wants Players To Try Out Different Weapons, Open To Idea Of Single Player Update

Splatoon 2 Developers Wants Players To Try Out Different Weapons, Open To Idea Of Single Player Update

Since the original Splatoon on the Wii U, Nintendo had kept the idea of players getting multiple updates through the game’s lifecycle. As a result, many new weapons have spun up in Splatoon 2 that were not originally in the box when launched.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Splatoon 2’s Producer Hisashi Nogami said that he hoped players will try to play Splatoon 2 with the ever-growing arsenal of weapon instead of just specializing in one particular weapon. For example in the latest battle mode, Clam Blitz, he said that players who are more versatile with their gear might find themselves more successful.

Are there other long-standing issues you’d maybe like to address in future? (I’m thinking specifically of having to sit through the updates upon booting up the game – as much as I love Pearl and Marina, it’d be ace to have the option to skip through it so I could get playing even quicker!)

Hisashi Nogami: While not a problem per se, we would like players to try playing Splatoon 2 with lots of different weapons instead of just one all the time. With the latest Ranked Battle mode, Clam Blitz, players will need to adopt new tactics and strategies compared to the other modes. Players might find unexpected success with weapons they haven’t used before. I hope everyone will try out lots of new combinations to find which weapons work best for them on which stages.

Hiashi was also asked about Splatoon’s single player aspect. Obviously, Splatoon 2 is a more multiplayer-centric game but there are still single-player campaign levels within the game. Hiashi said that the campaign mode’s objective is to familiarise the players with the different kind of weapons. To that end, the campaign has succeeded in its goals. As to whether there will be anything more to come, his lips are sealed.

The multiplayer has seen a lot of support through updates. Is there a possibility of the single-player also getting an update in the future?

Hisashi Nogami: For players who simply wish to go solo, take on the Octarians and enjoy honing their Splatoon 2 skills, the purpose of Hero Mode is also to get players to understand the appeal of the different types of weapons by having them use a whole variety of them to complete the stages that appear in this mode. It’s also there to build up the lore for the world of Splatoon 2 through the story of the Squid Sisters. As this mode is now, it’s achieved those goals. At this stage, I can’t say anything about what we may or may not do with it in future.

Overall, Splatoon 2 the updates are not going to stop any times soon, so as more weapons join the arsenal, why not give them a try. You can read the full interview from Eurogamer here, which contains a whole lot of other information.