Splatoon 2 Version 4.4.0 Will Be Out Tonight

Splatoon 2 Version 4.4.0 Will Be Out Tonight

Good news Splatoon fans – Nintendo will be releasing the Version 4.4.0 update for Splatoon 2 tonight.

Version 4.4.0 will be ready for download on January 29, 2019 8pm ET / 5pm PT, January 30 10am JST. The patch will bring changes to terrain in all modes, as well as balances and adjustments to weapons.

Here are the preliminary patch notes courtesy of OatmealDome and LeanYoshi:

JP patch notes for 4.4.0 say that Kelp Dome underwent a revamp. Significant changes were made to the terrain in all modes. Other mode specific changes include:

– An additional slope was added in front of spawn in SZ

– The area left of the spawn was modified in TC, RM, and CB


Sploosh + Jr + Aero: 2 frames faster shoot

Splash + Splattershot + 52 + zap + pro + 96 + jet: 1 frame faster shoot

Jet: small MPU buff

L3: Paint feet better

Flingza: 30 frames faster “full run speed”, vertical flicks 11% faster, lower damagerange though, 5% more range for the 100% kill range

Squiffer + Eliter: additional MPU effect

Undercover: MPU Curve buff

Ballpoint: short dmg 32 -> 28, long dmg 32 -> 30

dualies + tetras: something about adjusted bulletsize for normal mode, turret mode is not affected

Missiles: 15 frames less cooldown

Booyahball: 30 frames less explosion, wider explosion (so basically blast range is the same), 32% more damage, better painting, feet are painted after throwing, 15 frames less cooldown

Stamp: Better moving speed and turning while swinging, minimum dmg of shockwafe 30 -> 40, can also destroy bullets around the stamp now instead of just direct hits, 4 frames faster throw

Ink Res Up: armor buff (9 frames longer when you go 3.9)

H3D: 200 -> 210 KMac: 170 -> 190

Explosher: 200 -> 210

CExplosher 190 -> 200

Ballpoint Nouveau 200 -> 230

The additional effect for squiffer and eliter is “Increases ink coverage.” The additonal effect for Jet is less rng while being on the ground