Splatoon 2 Version 4.5.0 Update Coming Next Monday

Splatoon 2 Version 4.5.0 Update Coming Next Monday

Nintendo has announced the next Splatoon 2 update, version 4.5.0., will be released on March 11, 2019 10am Japan Time.

This means the patch is set to arrive on March 10 in the west. This is a patch full of stat changes and balances so don’t expect a major content update.

Here are the tentative patch notes translated by Lean Yoshi.

Sploosh, Jr, Aerospray: 5 frames less delay after shooting 52: 21% more dmg to normal brella, 10% more dmg to splash wall

Luna: 64% more dmg to normal brella

Rapid Blaster (Pro): MPU now gives you a bigger blast radius (0.3 to 2.9 for the effect)

Squeezer: 57% more dmg to normal brella, 10% more dmg to splash wall, 17% more dmg to baller, 17% more dmg to booyah ball shield, 10% more dmg to rainmaker shield

Carbon: 13% more dmg to normal brella, 2 frames less delay after flicking

Roller + Flingza: 13% more dmg to brella

Goo Tuber: charge hold animation now completly cancleable

Tri Slosher: Middle bullet paints further

Mini: Better jumping when charged, 3% faster movespeed while charging, 8% more movespeed while firing

H3: 3.9 -> 4.2 mpu for 49.9dmg

Bamboo: 20% less dmg to brella, 20% to splash wall, 38% to baller, 31% to booyah ball armor (nice nerf lol)

Sloshing Machine: 20% more ink consumption, spiral hitbox reduced by 6%

Explosher: 30% more ink consumption, 7% less blast damage radius

Autobomb: 15 frames less delay to recover ink Point Sensors: 55% -> 45% ink consumption, velocity (and therefore range) reduced, ISS buff by up to 8%

Sprinkler: 30 frames less duration, 2.5 times more radius for stage 1

Fizzy: 6% less explosion radius for 2nd and 3rd explosion

Inkstorm: 6% less range

Bomb Defense DX: Curve Buff against point sensors

Custom Jr: 170 -> 160 Kensa Luna: 180 -> 170

Kensa Gloogas: 190 -> 180

Kensa Pro: 180 -> 200

H3D: 210 -> 220

Custom Explo: 200 -> 210

CHydra: 190 -> 200