Square Enix Cafe Opens In China

Square Enix Cafe Opens In China

After opening a cafe in Osaka, Square Enix immediately set its eyes on overseas expansion. The fruit of these efforts resulted in the official and permanent Square Enix Cafe Shanghai, which opened its doors to the public on December 17, 2017 in Shanghai, China.

A line started to form as early as 9am before the cafe opened. The first theme of Square Enix Cafe Shanghai is Final Fantasy XVI.

Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda and representatives from Tencent, Shanada Games, Sony China, Microsoft Xbox, OPM, and other companies cut the opening ribbon.

Toys and figurines from Square Enix’s popular franchises welcome visitors at the entrance of the cafe.

Here’s a look at the interior of the cafe. Final Fantasy artwork can be found everywhere.

Now a look at the limited time Final Fantasy XVI food and beverages served at Square Enix Cafe Shanghai.

A huge merchandise corner offers official goods from the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy franchises.

And here’s none other than Square Enix President Matsuda enjoying a meal at the cafe!

For more details on Square Enix Cafe Shanghai as well as its location, please visit the official website (in Chinese).