Square Enix Calls Dragon Quest XI S A Remake

Square Enix Calls Dragon Quest XI S A Remake

Today we have some interesting news coming from the latest issue of Nintendo Dream in Japan.

In a Square Enix interview conducted by Nintendo Dream, Square Enix revealed a couple of things that they haven’t shared before about Dragon Quest XI S, which launches this Friday for Nintendo Switch. Below are points translated by NintendoSoup.

First, Square Enix says that while Dragon Quest XI S is aimed at those who own a Nintendo Switch, they understood they shouldn’t simply just port Dragon Quest XI with the same contents as the 3DS and PS4 versions to the Switch.

After the launch of Dragon Quest XI on 3DS and PS4, Square Enix collected feedback and requests from fans. Because of these feedback, they decided they should develop a remake in the form of Dragon Quest XI S, instead of a straightforward port with little to no improvements of Dragon Quest XI.

This may sound as if Dragon Quest XI S is a game where Square Enix wants to do what they couldn’t in the 3DS and PS4 versions, but Square Enix says that is not the case.

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