Square Enix To “Aggressively Pursue” Multiplatform Strategy, Including Nintendo Platforms

Square Enix To “Aggressively Pursue” Multiplatform Strategy, Including Nintendo Platforms

Square Enix has announced a new business plan for the fiscal years running from March 2025 to March 2027, outlining their videogame development strategy moving forward.

The strategy will comprise four main pillars, but the most relevant for its customers is the pledge to “aggressively pursue” a multiplatform strategy moving forward. This includes both HD and SD titles that will land on Nintendo Platforms, as well as PCs and Mobile Devices.

Shift to a multiplatform strategy

For HD titles, the Group will aggressively pursue a multiplatform strategy that includes Nintendo platforms, PlayStationXbox, and PCs. Especially, in regards to major franchises and AAA titles including catalog titles, it will build an environment where more customers can enjoy our titles. In addition, it will also devise a platform strategy for SD titles that includes not only iOS and Android, but also the possibility of PC launches. Furthermore, the Group will strive to maximize the acquisition of new users when launching a title and that of recurring users after starting management of game operation.

Square Enix and Nintendo have had a long and storied relationship as far as games and platforms go, and this pledge can be seen as further confirmation that Square Enix titles will continue to release on the Switch and its successor moving forward.

Aside from this, other notable pledges include shifting focus to “quality over quantity” as well as “delivering fun” that only Square Enix can create. You can read more here, or check out some snippets below:

Shift from quantity to quality

The Group (Square Enix) will pursue a shift from quantity to quality as its medium- to long-term philosophy regarding the DE segment’s portfolio. To that end, it will first work to establish the optimal portfolio, striking a balance between a “product-out” approach that reflects the imaginations of its employees to the utmost, and a “market-in” approach that leverages customers’ voices and data to inform development efforts. It will strive for a regular launch cadence, focusing its development efforts and investments on titles with substantial potential to be loved by customers for years.

Focus on development of titles delivering “Fun” that only the Group can create

With the goal of developing titles that deliver unforgettable experiences to customers and ensure excitement, the Group intends to focus on the following points. First, mindful of the need to launch HD titles that help attract additional fans to the Group, the Group will regularly release AAA titles in its major franchises to maintain and build upon its fan base. In addition, the Group will strive to increase its success rate in SD games by launching a carefully curated selection of titles. It will additionally explore ways to leverage its rich library of IP.

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