Star Ocean First Departure R Announced For Nintendo Switch

Star Ocean First Departure R Announced For Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has announced Star Ocean First Departure R for a worldwide release on the Nintendo Switch.

For those who are unfamiliar, Star Ocean is a series of top-down JRPGs that was one of the first to use real-time-battles as opposed to turn-based combat. This newly announced entry Star Ocean First Departure R is a HD-remake of Star Ocean First Departure for the PSP, which is itself a remake of the first Star Ocean game for the Super Famicom.

As of this writing, no further details about a release date or pricing were revealed, although the game is reportedly releasing worldwide. The announcement was made via Star Ocean’s official Twitter account, which teases that more information will be coming soon. We will be sure to bring more details as they become available.

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UPDATE: Square Enix has also released some Key Art for the new game illustrated by Katsumi Enami. The illustrations are of characters Roddick Farrence, Millie Chliette, and Dorne Murtough, and can be viewed below: