Super Mario Maker 2 Receives More Details On Story Mode And Night Theme

Super Mario Maker 2 Receives More Details On Story Mode And Night Theme

Ahead of its release on June 28th, some new details about Super Mario Maker 2 have surfaced online.

The details come courtesy of USGamer, and elaborate more on the game’s newly introduced Story Mode and Night Theme.

Check it all out below:

Story Mode

  • Mario and Toad laborers are seeking to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle after it was destroyed
  • Mario undertakes various listed jobs to earn coins needed to rebuild each section of the castle
  • There’s one Toadette called Chief who is overseeing the construction
  • There’s a Toad called Taskmasker who gives you the jobs
  • There are various other Toads who are doing the rebuilding
  • Toadette notes that her entire crew is slacking off
  • The crew actually lack the materials needed to complete their tasks, which requires Mario’s intervention
  • Some text references the bosses who “ask someone to do something that they don’t want to do themselves.”


Night Theme

  • Unlike other building tools, objects and features, Night Theme needs to be unlocked.
  • Night Theme is unlocked by dropping an Angry Sun onto the level in the editor, then pressing and holding the A button on it.
  • Once you choose to switch the Sun to a Moon, Night Theme becomes available as an option.
  • Night Theme is not compatible with the Super Mario 3D World Theme

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