Super Rare Games Announces Heaven’s Machine, Its First Physical-Only Switch Game

Super Rare Games Announces Heaven’s Machine, Its First Physical-Only Switch Game

Earlier this year, Super Rare Games announced that it would be publishing physical-only Switch titles under a new “Super Rare Shorts” label. Well, the first of these exclusive releases has finally been unveiled.

Today, the company revealed Heaven’s Machine – a chaotic and fast-paced roguelite from developer Glass Revolver. The physical-only game will see players gunning through a bizarre train, as it hurtles toward Heaven!

Check out the official trailer below, along with further details:

Super Rare Games is incredibly proud to announce Heaven’s Machine, our first original release under our brand new Super Rare Shorts label.

This chaotic, fast-paced roguelite from Glass Revolver, creator of ITTA and House of God, will be available as a physical-only Nintendo Switch release, with open preorders lasting from November 11th (6pm GMT) to December 22nd – available worldwide exclusively at

Super Rare Shorts physical releases are completely original games and all come with the complete game on cart, a full-colour manual, sticker, and outer collector’s box. They will not release digitally on the eShop, making these true one-of-a-kind collectibles.

About Heaven’s Machine

Heaven’s Machine is a chaotic, fast-paced roguelite set on a cosmic train racing towards heaven. Jack wakes up to find themselves at the end of this metal tomb, with no other choice than to pick up a gun, pull the trigger, and run headlong towards the conductor to save their dead loved one.

As Jack, players will travel through a randomly-generated train, grabbing dozens of the 50+ unique items, blasting hundreds of enemies, and battling bizarre monsters. For an extra challenge, battle the demiurge in the unlockable Night Train mode which randomizes all train cars, enemies, bosses, and shops!

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