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Smash Bros. Ultimate Outsells Smash Bros. 3DS Lifetime Sales In 5 Weeks In Japan | NintendoSoup
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Outsells Smash Bros. 3DS Lifetime Sales In 5 Weeks In Japan

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Outsells Smash Bros. 3DS Lifetime Sales In 5 Weeks In Japan

It looks like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has achieved another major milestone in Japan this week.

According to Game Data Library, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has outsold Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS’s lifetime sales in Japan. In 5 weeks, Smash Bros. Ultimate moved 2,628,087 copies in Japan. It took 3 years for Smash Bros. 3DS to sell 2,558,302 copies. Keep in mind the figures are exclusive of digital sales.

This shows how well Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is selling in Japan.

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