Surprise Trades Revealed For Pokemon Sword And Shield

Surprise Trades Revealed For Pokemon Sword And Shield

The Pokemon Company has confirmed the return of a beloved feature in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

The feature is Wonder Trading, which has been given the new name “Surprise Trade”. At any point in the game, players will be able to instantly trade Pokemon with a random other player by using the Y-Comm. Unlike with previous installments, players will not have to wait to be matched with another for trade. The game quietly searches for trading partners in the background during normal gameplay, so the Surprise Trade can happen immediately once selected.

Do note that players will only be able to Surprise Trade with players over the internet if you have a Nintendo Online Subscription. If you do not have one, you will still be able to use Surprise Trade, but with local players only.

Check out the full details below, as written on the official Pokemon website:

In these games, you can use Y-Comm to do things like trade Pokémon and have Link Battles via the internet or local communication. If you see a stamp pop up during your adventure, it might be a sign that another player is looking for somebody to connect with! You’ll be able to trade and have Link Battles with friends by checking these stamps, but they can also be invitations from people you’ve never met before!

One of the features available on the Y-Comm menu is the Surprise Trade. Select a Pokémon from your Boxes that you’re willing to trade, and that’s it! A trading partner will automatically be found as you continue on your adventure!

The game will keep trying to match you with a trading partner even as you engage in the Pokémon battles or other activities you’ll find while exploring Galar, so there’s no need for you to hunt for a trading partner or feel like you’re left waiting!

These trades can be carried out with players from around the world if you’re using the internet. But with local communication, you can even get a trade from someone around you before you know what’s happening! Head out to lots of different places, and see if you can get a Surprise Trade! You won’t know what Pokémon you’ll get in exchange for your Pokémon until you actually receive it. If you’re lucky, you might end up with a rare Pokémon.

Membership in the Nintendo Switch Online (paid) service is required to participate in Link Trades and Link Battles using the internet. There’s no need to set up a membership for local communication use.

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