Takara Tomy Reveals Pokemon Moncolle Gachapon And More Moncolle For October

Takara Tomy Reveals Pokemon Moncolle Gachapon And More Moncolle For October

Takara Tomy’s official licensed Pokemon figures, Pokemon Moncolle, are great and affordable collectible small figures for Pokemon fans.

Earlier today, Takara Tomy revealed a couple of new Pokemon Moncolle figures launching in Japan on October 28, 2017. If you’re interested, you can pre-order them from Amazon Japan (links provided below), which ships all of them worldwide. We have a guide here in case you’re new to shopping on Amazon JP.

The first product launching on October 28 is the Pokemon Sun & Moon Gachapon Machine. The Gachapon machine comes with 10 capsules, each containing a random Moncolle figure.

Similar to how a real life Gachapon machine works, you’ll need to insert a coin (10 coins provided), turn the wheel, and wait for the capsule to drop!

Pre-order Pokemon Sun & Moon Gachapon Machine here.

Next up we have Mimikyu in its “battle stance”. Take a look at those sparkling eyes!

Pre-order Mimikyu Battle Stance Moncolle here.

For the very first time, Silvally is receiving the Moncolle treatment. As it’s larger than the regular Moncolle, it’s slightly expensive.

Pre-order Silvally Moncolle here.

Last but not least, is a collection of four Moncolle figures sold in a set. The set includes Rowlet, Umbreon, Dusk Form Lycanroc, and Midnight Form Lycanroc.

Pre-order the set of 4 here.

Before we go, don’t forget to check out the smiling Rowlet and Cosmog Moncolle, which are due to arrive on September 16!

Pre-order Smiling Rowlet Moncolle here.

Pre-order Cosmog Moncolle here.

Do you collect the Pokemon Moncolle figures? If so, how big is your collection? Let us know in the comments!