Take A Look At Gametech’s Switch Dock USB-C “Extension Cable”

Take A Look At Gametech’s Switch Dock USB-C “Extension Cable”

Today in things that you never know you need, Gametech introduces a Switch Dock USB Two Way “Extension Cable”. What it does is that you insert the thicker end into the Nintendo Switch Dock, while the other end into the console itself. That way, your Nintendo Switch console never have to go into the dock.

Amazing right? Gametech said that this will help the Switch better cool itself, as well as, prevent scratches on the screen resulting from constant docking and undocking. However, where I see the most use for this contraption is in the homes of those who have bought thick cases for the Nintendo Switch itself. Now they won’t need to remove the case everytime they want to dock it.

In any case, you can take a look at the contraption at Gametech’s webpage here.

They also have a more useful dongle that allows you to play using any Xbox 360/One or Playstation 3/4 controller, which should have deserved more mention on this page but details are more scarce on that one.