Terraria: Journey’s End Update Launching for Switch On January 4, 2022

Terraria: Journey’s End Update Launching for Switch On January 4, 2022

Switch owners will soon get to experience the final major update for Terraria!

Developer Re-Logic has confirmed that its massive “Terraria: Journey’s End” update will launch for Nintendo Switch on 4 January 2022. The new update launched for PC back in 2020 – adding new modes, dozens of new items, many quality-of-life tweaks, and much more.

Here is the full announcement from the company below:

We have what we hope will be an early holiday gift to our Switch fans: Terraria: Journey’s End is in the final stages of development and submission, and…

We are pleased to reveal that the launch date will be January 4, 2022!

This build is a match to the fixes and content that PlayStation and Xbox had as of the start of November. Any relevant additional fixes listed for Consoles above – as well as any other Switch-specific fixes – will be submitted to Nintendo for release as quickly as possible.

So – we know the big question will be “why can it not come out before the end of the year if you are so close right now?” The reality there is that companies – including Nintendo – are nearing the end of year/holidays. As we all know, that means a lot of folks out on vacation and/or full company shutdowns. If we were to release – say in December – this would create a scenario where if there are any bugs or issues at all, they would essentially be impossible to fix (even if DR had a fix made instantly) until probably sometime in mid-January. It is just an unfortunate dynamic of this time of year. This gets the update out just as soon as possible in the new year, avoiding that risk.

While we are confident in this build, every launch has some bugs, and we just don’t want to put everyone in a situation where there are issues that everyone is powerless to address. Now, that said, the team will continue to test and fix in the meantime and go ahead and get whatever else they can find already in the queue.