Terraria Switch In The Last Stages Of Development

Terraria Switch In The Last Stages Of Development

Good news for those of you who have been waiting for Terraria on Nintendo Switch – it seems development is about to complete anytime soon.

In a new forum post, the developers of Terraria revealed they have already submitted their game to Nintendo for pre-check before the final lotcheck. A few bugs were weeded out by Nintendo in the pre-check, so the developers are working on fixing them now.

After pre-check, all that is left to be done are final polish and QA checks, so we should be close to hearing about a final release date soon.

Read the full update below:

Another month is in the books, and there’s been a lot of progress going on for the Nintendo Switch version behind-the-scenes.

As we stated in a previous update, the team is working directly with Redigit and the rest of the Re-Logic team on a feedback list they’ve provided, and work on that is nearly complete. We anticipate there will be a bit more back and forth and tweaks made as we near a final review by Re-Logic and our QA teams.

Part of this feedback encompasses touch support refinement. There’s a ton of work going on to make sure that there’s a nice blend between controller and mobile-style touch input. These changes should really improve both crafting and inventory sorting.

Now, let’s talk about the Switch submission process. We’ve completed an initial submission with Nintendo. This means that Nintendo has had the opportunity to poke and prod the build as well as provide feedback. Typically, this is referred to as a pre-check, prior to a final submission. The team is currently working through those outstanding bugs reported by Nintendo.

Without divulging too many details this went very well with a very low bug count. All that remains is the final polish, QA checks, and we’re off to the races.