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The Lion’s Song Is Out On Nintendo Switch Today

The Lion’s Song Is Out On Nintendo Switch Today

Austrian indie Mipumi Games has finally released narrative adventure series The Lion’s Song on Nintendo Switch today.

The Lion’s Song, which features 4 point and click stories, is now available via Nintendo eShop for $9.99/£9.99.

Check out the release trailer below.

Set in early 20thcentury Austria, The Lion’s Song is a series of four self-contained point & click stories featuring a cast of fictional artists and scientists, each blessed with outstanding skills. Each chapter follows in the footsteps of one of those exceptional minds and players are tasked with helping them overcome their intimate struggles with creativity, human connections and inspiration. The choices they make along the way will have a direct impact on the storylines of all future and past episodes, connecting the individual stories of The Lion’s Song into one overarching narrative.
“Our aim was to let players dive into the rich world of The Lion’s Song to experience four fascinating stories with very different endings,” said Mipumi CEO Gregor Eigner. “We are happy to be releasing the game on Nintendo Switch™ so that a whole new audience can discover this unique adventure and its protagonists, in a complete, console exclusive edition.”
Featuring evocative story-driven gameplay, stylized graphics and a haunting soundtrack across its four episodes, the complete edition of The Lion’s Song was originally released on Steam, iOS and Android in July 2017. The game has been critically-acclaimed, earning the Best Indie Game Award at the German Developer Award 2016, as well as an Honorable Mention in the Excellence in Narrative category at the Independent Games Festival in 2017.