The Mystery Behind Cat Quest’s Queen Resort Has Been Solved

The Mystery Behind Cat Quest’s Queen Resort Has Been Solved

If you’ve completed Cat Quest, you may have encountered a large building called Queen Resort.

One of the side quests in Cat Quest involves the protagonist inviting various characters to Queen Resort before it’s scheduled to “open for business”. Upon the completion of all Queen Resort side quests, sadly, nothing happens. Players were left with a cliffhanger.

In a NintendoSoup interview with The Gentlebros CEO Desmond, we learned that there was indeed supposed to be something more to Queen Resort. Desmond says Queen Resort was intended to be similar to the Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy IV, essentially a place with all sorts of mini games.

Unfortunately, plans for that were scrapped in order to launch the game on time. They intended to make that into DLC, but again, plans were shelved due to lack of time. When asked whether we’d see Queen Resort in Cat Quest II, Desmond said it was “too early” to promise anything.

Either way, the mystery behind Queen Resort has been put to rest.

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