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The Official Famicom Switch Controller’s Microphone Actually Works

The Official Famicom Switch Controller’s Microphone Actually Works

Today we have a piece of shocking news to share about the official Famicom Switch controllers available to My Nintendo members in Japan.

The microphone, absent on the official NES controllers for Nintendo Switch, is present on the second Famicom controller similar to how it was in the good old days:

Nintendo has revealed that the microphone works the way it worked on the original controllers, so you could actually use them in various Nintendo Switch Online NES and Famicom titles.

In Kid Icarus, press the A button and speak into the microphone at the same time to lower the price of items at the shop:

In The Legend of Zelda, speak into the microphone to defeat enemies easily:

Besides these titles, the microphone works with other Famicom and NES games, so we’ll let you find out what those games are.

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