This Rabbit Is Cosplaying Eevee

This Rabbit Is Cosplaying Eevee

During Comiket 2018, the world’s largest dojinshi fair, a Pokemon fan brought their rabbit there and told others that it is cosplaying as Eevee.

As most cosplayers visiting Comiket were humans, some were surprised to see a rabbit cosplayer at the event.

The rabbit cosplaying Eevee happily munched on grass with a Poke Ball close by. Even without the Poke Ball, Pokemon fans could tell that the rabbit really looks like Eevee from its ears right down to its fur.


Real Eevee:

Many Pokemon fans were impressed by the rabbit’s cosplay, calling it “the best cosplay ever”, “genius”, and “too cute”.

Check out more photos and videos of the Eevee rabbit below.