Toby Fox Shares DELTARUNE Development Update, Including Songs, Screenshots, And More

Toby Fox Shares DELTARUNE Development Update, Including Songs, Screenshots, And More

Although he previously confirmed that we will not be seeing a new chapter this year, Deltarune developer Toby Fox has shared a development update explaining how much progress has been made so far.

According to the update, development on Chapters 3, 4, and 5 has been going well, at a pace improved from last time. The update also includes a sneak peek at what’s to come, including new screenshots and songs, including a teaser for Chapter 3’s Dark world. Aside from this update, there is also SPAMTON SWEEPSTAKES charity event planned for this Saturday September 17th, where fans will get a chance to grab Spamtom goodies with proceeds going to the Child’s Play organization

You can check out all the sneak peeks on Deltarune‘s official website here, or read up on Toby Fox’s main message below:

HEY EVERY     !!!

Hard to believe it, but it’s already been around 1 year since DELTARUNE Chapter 2 was released. Even now there still seems to be a passionate fan base for what we put out, thanks in no small part to a disgusting man whose dialogue is probably closest to the way I talk in real life.

It feels like DELTARUNE really came into its own with Chapter 2. Thank you so much to everyone who has enjoyed everything so far and is still looking forward to what will happen next!! We’re working hard to make something that will excite and delight fans of weird role-playing games, whether or not you like men with long noses!

[Development Update]

As stated last time, we’ve been simultaneously working on Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of DELTARUNE. A few more people are helping out, and the pace of the game creation is definitely improved from last time. The intention was to work on all three chapters simultaneously, but so far we’ve mostly just gotten work done on Chapter 3 and 4.

Between 3, 4, and 5, we’ve already exceeded a chapter’s worth of bullets, cutscenes, and gimmicks. Not only that, but the next chapters had certain aspects that took a while to set up, and now that those things are in place, the development of the game is only going to get smoother and smoother!

As always, I want this thing to come out the most out of anyone on the planet, so we’ll be doing our best to get it done.

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