Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Metacritic Score Is 71

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Metacritic Score Is 71

Today the embargo on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has lifted, so we could now see how the game has fared in the eyes of reviewers and the press.

Metacritic, the world’s largest video game review aggregator, has given Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes a Metascore of 71 out of 100. A Metascore of 71 is considered to be an average game. There are 22 positive reviews, 19 mixed reviews, and 2 negative reviews.

Check out some of the reviews below:

GamingTrend – 90

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is outrageous. The game is uncompromisingly zany: full of smart design, fluid combat, and laugh out loud personality front to back. While some may be turned off by its low budget feel and disjointed design, those who can look past these rough edges will find a hack-and-slash so quirky that it’ll be tough not to fall in love. This title stands as a shining beacon of bold creativity and anyone who values risk-taking in games owes it to themself to give Travis Strikes Again a shot.

Twinfinite – 90

I’m not inclined to play back through it right away, but it’ll be staying downloaded on my Switch for those lengthy flights and commutes where I want to do nothing more than slash through countless enemies in style.

DarkStation – 70

A decent spin-off. The hack-and-slash gets tiresome, but it works in small bursts and is a fine fit for the Switch’s handheld mode. The graphical genre shifts and peppered-in minigames provide good variety, thematically feeding into Travis’ love for games. The game is not a visually exciting entry, but it may still be worth it for fans of the series to indulge in Travis’ latest adventure. The insane story beats and off-the-wall humor are still here, alongside satisfying teases. It may not be No More Heroes 3, but Travis Strikes Again stands as a fine stepping stone for Suda51’s otaku assassin.

USGamer – 70

I missed Travis Touchdown. I missed Suda51’s punk verve. Travis Strikes Again is stylish in all the right ways. It looks cool, the music sounds great, and the game consistently zigs when I fully expected it to zag. At the same time there’s not a lot here for players who aren’t already devoted to the world of No More Heroes or even the larger Grasshopper Manufacture universe. But if you’re tired of hacky attempts at too cool for school meta commentary, Travis Touchdown is here to take gaming post-post-modern.

Critical Hit – 45

Fans might get a kick out of this self-aware spinoff, but its referential meta-jokes ultimately fall flat. Worse though is that it’s just not very much fun to play. It’s repetitive to the point of being tiresome, and not even its occasionally enjoyable boss battles save Travis Strikes Again from being dull and dreary.