Twin-Stick Shooter Godstrike Heads To Switch On April 15, 2021

Twin-Stick Shooter Godstrike Heads To Switch On April 15, 2021

Switch fans will soon be able to take a hectic new adventure on the go!

Publisher Freedom Games and developer OverPowered Team have revealed Godstrike – a new twin-stick shooter heading to Switch and PCs on 15 April 2021 for $14.99 USD. The game will see players tackling giant monsters in bullet-hell battles, where every hit eats away at one’s precious and limited time!

Check out a new gameplay trailer below, along with more information:

Centuries after a divine power divided itself between seven mysterious masks, chaos reigns. Now inhabiting vessels called Heralds, these seven entities spend eternity fighting each other as the world decays around them. That is, all but one. Talaal, the forgotten seventh mask, and its new Herald Yissia stand alone. Only together can they stop their siblings’ apocalyptic war.

Don the mask of Talaal and duel against devilish monstrosities in multi-stage boss battles with breakneck speed. Go in guns blazing, weaving through oncoming fire, and unleashing a torrent of heavenly abilities to overcome adversaries as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence, because in Godstrike as the seconds count down, so too does our hero’s health bar.

Time is both life and a currency. Talaal and Yissia lose valuable seconds needed to complete their mission for every hit they take. So the pair must make calculated moves before each showdown, shuffling between an ever-expanding stockpile of skills to help defend against their foes’ strengths while taking advantage of weaknesses.

Every second counts in the fight against the Heralds, but running out of time is never the end. Progress through the Campaign Mode, unlocking and setting skills with each Herald defeated while Talaal’s tale unfolds. Experiment with more than 20 skills like Spark, a flashy move making the seventh mask impervious to harm while inflicting damage of its own upon contact. Mix and match powers, experimenting with synergies and strategies, on the road to victory.

Utilize every ability in the arsenal in Arcade Mode or dare to take on the celestial beasts in Challenge mode with randomized boss orders and mysterious blessings bestowed after each fight. Strive to become the champion in Daily Challenge runs, devious randomized crusades that shift and change every 24 hours. For those feeling social, built-in Twitch features allow livestream viewers to impact the action, deciding battles’ status effects by popular vote.