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t, jj, y, ke3, Two More Game Carts Announced For Evercade Console, Release Window Of Q4 2019 Revealed | NintendoSoup
Two More Game Carts Announced For Evercade Console, Release Window Of Q4 2019 Revealed

Two More Game Carts Announced For Evercade Console, Release Window Of Q4 2019 Revealed

Following the reveal of Atari Collection 1, the team behind the Evercade have revealed the next two collection cartridges to be released for their retro handheld hybrid console.

Like the Atari Collection 1, these new cartridges contain games from a specific publisher active during the 80s and 90s era of gaming. The first of these is the Interplay Collection 1, which features the following titles:

  • ClayFighter
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Battle Chess
  • Boogerman
  • Dragon Wars
  • Incantation
  • Titan.

The second cartridge is the Data East Collection 1 and contains the following games:

  • Bad Dudes
  • Burgertime
  • Midnight Resistance
  • Side Pocket
  • Karate Champ
  • Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
  • Fighter’s History
  • Two Crude Dudes
  • Magical Drop II
  • Bump ‘n’ Jump.

In addition to these announcements, the official website for the Evercade was updated to show a Q4 2019 release window. However, no new information was revealed as to how exactly it would connect to a TV, nor where there any new physical images of the console beyond the 3D mock-ups.

That said, sources say that a new Evercade related announcement is expected to come early next week, so perhaps these details will be elaborated on then.

What do you think of these announced titles? Did it increase your interest in the Evercade? Let us know in the comments below.