TY The Tasmanian Tiger For Switch Successfully Funded Through Kickstarter

TY The Tasmanian Tiger For Switch Successfully Funded Through Kickstarter

Thanks to the contribution and love of numerous fans, TY the Tasmanian Tiger will be heading to Nintendo Switch!

The Kickstarter campaign for a Switch port of the classic 3D platformer title has successfully hit its funding goal of $50,000 USD. The game originally debuted on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube in October 2002 – with a recent remaster on PC. This success, however, means that the game will finally land on a modern console for the first time!

Here is Krome Studios’ update about the successful campaign below:

Well that’s a pretty awesome sight to wake up to this morning!

Thank you to everybody who has pledged so far! We are humbled and honored to have your support in bringing TY the Tasmanian Tiger to the Nintendo Switch.


So next up is the $75,000USD stretch goal:

At this stretch goal, we’ll add shorts customization… I mean character customization… to TY.

We’ll have a selection of different skins to choose from, some of which will be unlocked as you play the game, some will be available from the moment you start playing. None of the skins will be locked behind “real money” expenditure (or even opal purchasing), and all skins will be available to all users (even those who buy the game at retail, from the eShop, when it is released) – ie, there will not be any “backer specific” skins.

The skins will be made by Space Captain Steve himself.

Stay tuned for some more info on those to-be-announced stretch goals… coming soon!

Once again, thank you for the support – it’s wonderful to see that our little orange rat is still going strong!

With 27 days still left on the campaign, we can probably expect some stretch goals to be hit as well. For example, if the campaign raises $75,000 USD in total, Krome Studios will add new costumes for TY to the Switch port.

Check out the campaign for yourself, and see if you’re willing to drop a few dollars to support this retro revival.