TYPE-MOON Studio BB Is Working On A New Game For Switch

TYPE-MOON Studio BB Is Working On A New Game For Switch

Earlier this year, TYPE-MOON established “studio BB”, a new game development studio led by none other than former Square Enix developer Kazuya Nino.

In an interview with 4gamer, Nino shared a bit more about the creation of the new studio, as well as what their current plans are. According to Nino, studio BB is currently working on at least one game for the Nintendo Switch, as well as for other platforms.

Nino: I want as many people as possible to play, so I want to do it broadly without making too many decisions. At present, we are planning PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and we are also considering Xbox One, smartphone, cloud etc.

However, Nino unfortunately could not elaborate more on what they are working on at this time. That said, he did mention that we might get to hear more around Summer 2020.

4Gamer: Looking at the titles in which Nino-san worked, including “The Labyrinth of the World Tree”, “Fate / EXTRA”, and “Dragon Quest Builders”, many people expect that new studios will probably produce high-quality RPGs. I think.

Nino: Thank you. At this stage I can’t say much, sorry. By the summer of 2020, I think we can make some concrete presentations.

Whatever studio BB has to announce, we will be sure to bring all the details as they come, particularly if the game is headed for Switch.

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