Ubisoft CEO confident on Starlink’s demand, “lots of people who want this type of game”

Ubisoft CEO confident on Starlink’s demand, “lots of people who want this type of game”

According to an interview with gameindustry (link), CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, believed that the toys-to-life market is still vibrant and that there is substantial demand for such genre of games.

While the rest of the toys-to-life market see a huge dip, most notably due to the demise of Disney Infinity and slowed production of Skylanders, it is strange as to why Ubisoft may think that they have the solution to the shrinking market with their upcoming game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Perhaps the riskiest was Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a new toys-to-life brand that debuts at a time when the sector is believed to be dying, if not dead. Skylanders and Disney Infinity have already bowed out, so why on earth would Ubisoft enter a struggling market?

“We thought that bringing 2.0 of that model was potentially very interesting,” says Guillemot. “We’ll see. It’s a risk, but we feel that there are lots of people who want this type of game. Maybe they don’t want to say it, but they do want to buy it.”

However, credit when due, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is turning out to be an exciting game unlike the other toys-to-life games seen before with customisable spaceships – switching and swapping physical spaceship figure parts – and lively space battles.

Below is the E3 trailer for Starlink: Battle for Atlas:

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will be available for the Nintendo Switch Fall 2018.

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