Variations In Nintendo Switch Cartridges

Variations In Nintendo Switch Cartridges

It has been about almost 11 months since the Nintendo Switch was released and perhaps most of the readers here might already have a collection of Nintendo Switch cartridges lying around. However, how many of you actually realise the subtle differences between the cartridges.

Here’s an image for example:

The game cartridges on the top row have a more vibrant shade of green chips while the lower row’s chip is nearly black in colour.

In fact, if you pay a bit more attention to the two cartridges, the lower row cartridge has a thin black plastic protection at the top of the exposed chip while the top row cartridge.

There are Reddit discussions around on whether the difference in cartridge designs mean anything, although no conclusions were drawn at the point of writing. If you have any idea what the reason/function of the design variance is, do let us know in the comments below.