Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Dead Apostle Noel” Trailer

Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Dead Apostle Noel” Trailer

Type-Moon Games has uploaded the first DLC character trailer for Melty Blood Type Lumina, the latest entry in the Melty Blood fighting game/visual novel series.

This time, the trailer focuses on Dead Apostle Noel, the alternate form of Noel from Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. The trailer has her facing off against previously featured character Ciel, showing off her moves and abilities.

Check it out below, along with additional details via the game’s official website:

A certain executor who has become a dead apostle.
She now appears as a girl at her most lovely, who has also acquired the Mystic Eyes of Roses in addition to the abilities of a dead apostle.

She is able to forcefully remove the soul of her target and lock them away in her Mystic Eyes of Roses, where they experience an unending nightmare. Not only that, but she is also able to manipulate a large number of spears (bells) in a battle style evocative of a dancing butterfly.

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