Videos: Shin Megami Tensei V “Daily Demon” Volumes 168 – 169

Videos: Shin Megami Tensei V “Daily Demon” Volumes 168 – 169

Atlus has published new episodes of their “Daily Demon” series introducing demons featured in Shin Megami Tensei V.

The episodes this time focus on the Raptor Muu Shuwuu and the Vile Mishaguji, showing off their designs in the game and some of their moves. You can watch both videos below, along with an English translation posted by Zeruel4891 in the comments:

Raptor Muu Shuwuu:
A monster of the lore of the Buryat people of Mongolian descent. It takes the form of a beautiful young girl and lures travelers, and when their guard is down, it opens a hole by piercing their head with its beak and sucks their brains.

Vile Mishaguji:

An indigenous god believed in Shinano before the Yamato regime came into power. He is said to be a deity born from the ancient belief that divine spirits reside in rocks and stones.

Shin Megami Tensei V launches November 11th 2021 for Switch in Japan and November 12th 2021 worldwide.

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