Void Bastards Rated For Switch By The ESRB

Void Bastards Rated For Switch By The ESRB

Ready to risk life and limb exploring random spaceships? Well, an exciting roguelike release could be on the horizon for Nintendo fans!

The ESRB has updated its listing for Void Bastards with the Nintendo Switch as one of its platforms. The game (rated ‘Mature’) sees players taking on the role of multiple prisoners – whom must scavenge through haunted spaceships for enough fuel to make it to their final destination: jail!

You can check out the rating for yourself over here.

Of course, this doesn’t confirm that a Switch port is necessarily confirmed – but it does seem like the game’s developer is working something out! We’ll report back if and when we hear more.

In the meantime, you can check out the game’s previous trailer for other platforms below: