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Director: We Should Call Switch Players "NinTenno" | NintendoSoup
Warframe Director: We Should Call Switch Players “NinTenno”

Warframe Director: We Should Call Switch Players “NinTenno”

Warframe, a new free-to-play third person co-op shooting game, is coming to Nintendo Switch today.

A few weeks ago, Twitter user @BurgundyBurnout casually asked Steve Sinclair, the director of Warframe, whether they should call Nintendo players “NinTenno”. This is reference to “Nintendo” and “Tenno”. Tenno are a race of robotic aliens in the world of Warframe.

Steve gave a thumbs up to that idea on Twitter:

“I think we must”

What do you think about Warframe Switch players being called NinTenno? Let us know in the comments.