Who Is Peachette? Super Mario Fans Offer Up Their Crazy Theories

Who Is Peachette? Super Mario Fans Offer Up Their Crazy Theories

During this week’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed a new character called Peachette in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

When Toadette touches a crown in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, she will transform into Peachette, which looks like Princess Peach except with some Toadette characteristics. The introduction of Peachette and how Toadette transforms into Peachette has raised many questions among those in the Super Mario community, because it changes the way people think about Toads and Peach.

Several fans have offered their theories as to how Peachette and Toadette are related to each other. Twitter user Gabriel Restrepo believes Peach as a higher species of Toad that looks nothing like one:

Another Twitter user called PLDH believes all Toads will eventually evolve in something more humanlike, similar to how Splatoon’s Inklings evolved.

Another believes Toads and Toadettes are all actually humans, and touching the crown reverses Bowser’s original spell on them.

There was also this funny image showing what might happen if Toad touched the crown instead:

On ResetERA, darker and serious theories about the link between Toadette and Peachette have appeared. One suggested Peach’s role in the Mushroom Kingdom is akin to a Queen Bee’s role – Peach is the mother of all Toads, similar to how the Queen Bee is the mother of all bees in the colony.

Another theory suggested Toadette/Peachette fills in as a Peach double whenever Peach wants to drive karts or play Tennis. There’s also another interesting theory which says every 100 years a Toadette is born in a population of Toads, and Toadettes are destined to rule the Mushroom Kingdom after the current ruler passes away. When that happens, the Toadette transforms into Peachette.

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