Widespread Docking Issue on Hong Kong Switches

Widespread Docking Issue on Hong Kong Switches

A popular Reddit thread on the Nintendo Switch has made known an issue that is currently affecting Nintendo Switches, especially ones in Hong Kong.

According to the thread, affected consoles will have the following symptoms:


  • Home menu may be sluggish in TV mode (docked).
  • System freezes when starting a game in TV mode (docked).
  • System freezes after docking the Switch to switch over to TV mode when a game is running.
  • System works perfectly fine when in portable mode (undocked).

The thread has also made mention that the issue lies within the Nintendo Switch Console and not the dock, meaning that the only way to get it fix at the moment is to contact Nintendo Hong Kong for repairs.  Unfortunately, they won’t be able to transfer your save data for you should your Nintendo Switch require a repair. It is unclear at this time if a software patch is a viable solution for the problem.

Foreigners are also discouraged from purchasing Nintendo Switches from Hong Kong as the console’s warranty would not cover repair and maintenance outside of Hong Kong.

If your Switch is experiencing such issue, do contact Nintendo for servicing. If your console happens to be from Hong Kong, you can visit their support website here.