Wizard’s Symphony Coming To Switch This Year

Wizard’s Symphony Coming To Switch This Year

Arc System Works’ recently teased brand new RPG project has revealed to be Wizard’s Symphony, a dungeon RPG. The game is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2018 in Japan.

Wizard’s Symphony comes from the Wizard’s Harmony franchise of games, which had its roots on PS1 and Sega Saturn in 1995. Character design in Wizard’s Symphony will be handled by Moo, who also designed the characters of Wizard’s Harmony.

Have a look at the three main characters below.

Alto Traverse

A young man who works as a “Conductor,” a job that guides tourists around dangerous ruins. One day, as a substitute for the company president that suddenly disappeared, he takes on the role of acting leader of the Conductor company “M Tours,” and works hard with his colleagues each day.

Spika Celeste

A girl who works with Alto. She has a bright and optimistic personality, and sometimes does unexpected things. She is the defender of the party, who specializes in luring attacks and protecting allies.

Merak Yildiz

A young man who works with Alto. He has a gentle and intellectual personality, and fills a calming role among his eager allies. In battle, he is an attacker who uses attack magic.