World End Syndrome Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

World End Syndrome Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works is working on a new title called World End Syndrome, which is heading to Nintendo Switch.

World End Syndrome is a love adventure game set in a sea town called Mikamachi. The protagonist moves to Mikamachi and meets the following heroines:

  • Maimi Kususe (voiced by Hisako Tojo) – The protagonist’s cousin. She is a cheerful and lively, somewhat ill-mannered girl. In an unexpected turn of events, she ends up living under the same roof as the protagonist. She is a member of the tennis club, and is popular among both guys and girls.
  • Haruka Kanna (voiced by Shiori Izawa) – A mysterious and silent girl. She is somewhat isolated from those around her. She is the director of club activities known as “Miss Research.”

Developers working on World End Syndrome include Tomio Kanazawa (scenario), Yuuki Katou (character design), Niita Takashi (music), and Koya Takahashi (backgrounds and music).

More details about the game will be revealed on a livestream set for October 26, 2017 2pm Tokyo Time.