Yooka-Laylee Plush Set Now Available From Fangamer

Yooka-Laylee Plush Set Now Available From Fangamer

Ever wanted cuddly versions of the collect-a-thon duo Yooka-Laylee for your bedroom? Thanks to Fangamer, your dreams can finally be reality!

Fangamer has just opened orders for its Yooka-Laylee Plush Set – which comprises of Yooka and Laylee as separate plushies for $29 USD. The Yooka plush features a flexible tail that allows it to hang from objects, while the Laylee plush has magnetic wings that help it stick to Yooka’s head!

Check out more product shots and details below.

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“Yooka is the green plush; Laylee is the wisecracking plush with the big nose. They’re both very soft.

This official Yooka-Laylee plush set, designed by Versiris and spec’d by Jenna Post, features detachable Yooka and Laylee plushes. Yooka is about 9 inches tall, and Laylee is 5; magnets in Laylee’s claws and Yooka’s head hold them together.

Both plushes include magnets and are not designed for children under 3.

Interested? Grab the huggable duo over here, right now.