Yooka Laylee Tabletop Game Announced, Pre-Orders Begin June 29

Yooka Laylee Tabletop Game Announced, Pre-Orders Begin June 29

Yooka-Laylee fans will soon be able to enjoy the duo’s adventures in an all-new way, with their friends!

Limited Run Games and Game Decks have announced a new tabletop board game for the franchise, with pre-orders opening up on 29 June 2021. Along with a standard edition, the companies will also offer a Collector’s Edition for the game (seen above) – which will contain extras like conus cards and a tailor-made soundtrack to accompany game sessions.

Here’s the trailer and more details for the new tabletop experience below:

In this chaotic tabletop party game, 2-4 players buddy up with Yooka and Laylee for an epic adventure, crammed with characters, challenges, and collectibles inspired by the indie smash, including:

  • Quills, quills, quills! Use quills to buy Glide, Reptile Roll and Honey Puddle powerups to give yourself an edge over your opponents.
  • The Ghost Writers! Have you got what it takes to beat their fiendish challenges and earn a bucket-load of points?
  • Characters you love (and hate)! You’ll find Blasto, Kartos, Trowzer and TONS more sprawled across the Game Decks board, brought to life with stunning hand-painted artwork. Featuring a modular build-your-own board system that can be different every time you play and even combined with other Party-Styled Game Decks, Yooka-Laylee is a uniquely collectible and endlessly fun tabletop game you can fit in your (Trowzer) pocket.