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73, tr, 7ny, vt4, wn, ot, squ, 29, You Can Now Cosplay As A Team Skull Grunt With Pokemon Center's Apparel | NintendoSoup
You Can Now Cosplay As A Team Skull Grunt With Pokemon Center’s Apparel

You Can Now Cosplay As A Team Skull Grunt With Pokemon Center’s Apparel

The Pokemon Company has released exclusive Team Skull apparel and accessories on the official Pokemon Center website for the United States.

List of items available for purchase can be found right below. Perfect for casual wear and cosplay!

  • Team Skull Accessory Kit with Beanie, Bandana, Necklace, and Wristbands — These accessories will help deck out any Team Skull Grunt with the stylized look of this notorious Alolan group! A sheet of stickers featuring the Team Skull emblem is also included. (ARP: $39.99)
  • Team Skull Guzma Half-Sleeve Hoodie — Don the stylish threads of Guzma, the leader of Team Skull, with this hip half-sleeve hoodie. (ARP: $69.95)
  • Team Skull Relaxed Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt — Sport the iconic Team Skull look in this comfortable, relaxed-fit T-shirt with a printed foil graphic featuring the Team Skull necklace. (ARP: $29.95)
  • Team Skull Messenger Bag — Whether you’re carrying Poké Balls, Potions, your Pokédex, or schoolbooks, any Trainer needs a place to store the essentials! (ARP: $79.99)
  • Team Skull Socks — These comfy crew socks will keep any Team Skull Grunt’s feet warm—and show their spirit at home, school, or in the office. (ARP: $12.50)

Order from the official Pokemon Center website here.