Young Boy Cries After Eevee Cake Is Cut In Half

Young Boy Cries After Eevee Cake Is Cut In Half

Today we have some interesting news about Eevee coming from Japan.

As we shared with you earlier, Baskin Robbins teamed up with The Pokemon Company to offer some delicious Pokemon ice cream and ice cream cakes. One of the products offered is an Eevee ice cream cake.

This is how the Eevee ice cream cake looks like:

Inside the ice cream cake is vanilla and chocolate filling:

A Twitter video uploaded @nyannyannyai has went viral in Japan. The video shows a Japanese boy crying after his Eevee ice cream cake was cut into half. The boy wailed “Eevee… Eevee… scary!”

Thankfully, at the end of the day, the boy was happily eating his cake:

This is how the Japanese reacted to the video:

“I imagine after he cried he will laugh.”

“What a gentle child! I hope he doesn’t forget about his heart when he grows up!”

“Well, if they didn’t cut that cake, Eevee would have melted.. to death.”

“As I can’t bear to cut this type of cakes in half I will never cakes that look like this”

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