Yo-kai Watch 4 To Add Paid Multiplayer

Yo-kai Watch 4 To Add Paid Multiplayer

Level-5 have announced several updates for Yo-kai Watch 4 for 2019 adding new friends, new yokai, new areas, multiplayer, and much more.

Yo-Kia Watch 4 came to Switch in Japan this last month but and English release date has not been announced yet.

There is also the upcoming movie that will have advance tickets available for purchase available 12 July. These tickets will let players obtain Jiba Jinpei and then Shadow Venoct after clearing the quest.

Jiba Jinpei and Shadow Venoct

The August issue of CoroCoro Comic (releasing 13 July) will include a code for Android Yamada pictured below.

Early August will introduce a new map, Yoriku Kokugikan, a new boss, Thunderbolt, new yokai, and new friends, Enma and Nurarihyon. Thunderbolt and the new map are pictured below.

Yoriku Kokugikan
Additional yokai

But there’s more. There is a paid update scheduled for later this year and will add multiplayer with friends and family along with even more yokai. Those are all the details we have at the moment but will keep you updated.

Mystery yokai and more.What do you think about this upcoming content? Let us know below.