2D Fighting Game Blazing Strike Coming To Switch Spring 2022

2D Fighting Game Blazing Strike Coming To Switch Spring 2022

Publisher Aksys Games and developer RareBreed Makes Games have announced Blazing Strike for Switch and other platforms.

Blazing Strike is a new 2D fighting game modelled after classic arcade titles, including a retro pixel artstyle. It is scheduled to launch sometime in Spring 2022 for Switch, PC, and other consoles.

You can check out some screenshots below, along with additional details via Aksys:

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Inspired by classic arcade fighting game series from industry greats such as Capcom and SNK, Blazing Strike evokes the excitement and nostalgia of 2D pixel art genre pioneers while incorporating a unique games system with modern mechanics.

Blazing Strike features a four-button system with six normal attacks: light, medium and heavy punches and kicks, as well as three defense moves: block, guard and parry. A Rush Trigger enables fighters to execute fast-paced attacks and movements, but using it will slowly drain the Rush Meter, sending the character into a temporary groggy state. This allows players to execute exciting combos while having to manage the Rush Meter. The game will include three play modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode, and VS Mode, with training, sparring, and online match via Persona AI, and online play powered by GGPO.

Aksys Games CEO founder Akibo Shieh: “As the interest in fighting games continues to grow, we’re excited to see a title that explores new ideas in fun and creative ways while tipping its hat to grandfathers of the genre,”

RareBreed Makes Games founder Mark Chung: “I was always fond of classic fighting games and I wanted to make a fun fighting game with an emphasis on mobility. Our goal is to create an homage to the classic pixel art-based 2D fighters, but with updated game mechanics that not only will bring nostalgia to 90’s arcade kids but will offer something new and entertaining to all gamers, regardless of whether they have played fighting games before.”

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