A New Ranked Mode Seems To Be Heading To Splatoon 2

A New Ranked Mode Seems To Be Heading To Splatoon 2

Dataminers have discovered the existence of a new ranked mode that should be heading to Splatoon 2 in the near future, which some speculate it to be the major Splatoon announcement to be made on June 9.

The mode is called “Rocket”. A rocket spawns in the middle of the stage, and shooting the rocket’s vulnerable point activates it. After a short while, the rocket will launch into the sky and head towards the opposing team’s base.

After the rocket launches, a Rocket Nozzle will drop at the original position of the rocket, where anyone can pick it up. While holding the Rocket Nozzle, you can’t activate your Special Weapon. You can either use the nozzle to inflict damage on other players or launch the rocket again.

Keep in mind – the more times you launch the rocket, the closer it would spawn closer to the enemy. It’ll also require more damage to launch as the match progresses. Delaying the rocket launch will cause it to land a shorter distance than it normally would, and if you take too long to launch the rocket you may lose control of it.

The closer the rocket is to the enemy’s spawn point, the lower your count will drop. Launching the rocket at 20 count results in a K.O.

Check out a demonstration of the ranked mode here.