About NintendoSoup Store

About NintendoSoup Store

NintendoSoup Store is an online store offering hard-to-find products from brands such as Nintendo, Pokemon Center, Premium Bandai, eCapcom, Kirby Cafe, and more!

Established in October 2018, we have served thousands of customers all over the world from North America to Europe.

NintendoSoup Store only offers officially licensed products  sourced from a variety of trusted suppliers and partners across Japan and Asia, so we can guarantee every purchase is authentic.

What are some products I can purchase at NintendoSoup Store?

Love collecting and playing Nintendo Switch games? We have the latest Asia exclusive Nintendo Switch games featuring long time fan-favorites from the Dragon Quest series to the Final Fantasy series. We also stock unique Asia exclusive Nintendo Switch indie games such as The Company Man, Quest of Dungeons, The Colonists, The Hong Kong Massacre, and more.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, we got you covered with exclusive products from Pokemon Center Japan and Pokemon Center Singapore.

We have hundreds of other products which you can check out here.

How do I receive new product updates from NintendoSoup Store?

The best way is to keep checking our website, where we post announcements on new product launches. Also, sign up on the NintendoSoup Store newsletter to receive product updates, and follow our official Facebook and Twitter channels.