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1, dk, p4, o, 9, sg, 3w, n, Action-Exploration Game 'Ary And The Secret of Seasons' Delayed To Early 2020, E3 2019 Trailer Released | NintendoSoup
Action-Exploration Game ‘Ary And The Secret of Seasons’ Delayed To Early 2020, E3 2019 Trailer Released

Action-Exploration Game ‘Ary And The Secret of Seasons’ Delayed To Early 2020, E3 2019 Trailer Released

If you’ve been expecting to indulge yourself with Ary and the Secret of Seasons later this year, you’re in for a bit of a letdown.

Previously slated for launch in late 2019, developers eXiin and Fishing Cactus and publisher Modus Games will instead be bringing the vibrant adventure game on Switch in early 2020.

That said, the action-exploration game will be playable on E3 where fans can get a chance to try out the game for themselves.

Playing subtly on themes of tradition and gender roles, Ary and the Secret of Seasons is an action-exploration game not to be missed next week at E3 2019.

Here’s the E3 trailer and details below:

Developer eXiin and indie publisher Modus Games released a vibrant new gameplay trailer today for the upcoming action-exploration game Ary and the Secret of Seasons, coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020. Next week, E3 attendees can view a demo of the game in person by visiting Modus in the South Hall at booth #2513.

Taking on a role traditionally reserved for young men, Aryelle (Ary) has become the newest inductee into the mysterious Guardians of Seasons and is tasked with overcoming monstrous enemies, secret plots and stuffy traditions to bring back balance to Valdi after a mysterious force throws the seasons into disarray.

With unforgettable characters and larger-than-life enemies, Ary and the Secret of Seasons takes players on an adventurous ride through a fanciful world where the seasons themselves hold ancient, hidden powers. Ary must learn to harness these powers if she is to restore order from chaos, save her land and establish herself among the Guardians of Seasons.

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