Akuto: Showdown Heads To Switch On December 26

Akuto: Showdown Heads To Switch On December 26

Want to dive into more local multiplayer mayhem on your Nintendo Switch? Publisher Qubic Games and developer Hut 90 may have just the thing for you!

The Switch eShop has updated with a new listing for Akuto: Showdown, which launches 26 December 2019 for $7.99 USD. The game sees players slaying each other with a variety of melee weapons, guns, and even the environment.

Check out the game’s official Switch trailer below, along with more details:

Akuto: Showdown is an isometric, fast-paced action game where players fight with different weapons in intense battles. The game is set on various stages where players have to not only watch out for opponents, but also for the environment from killing them. Cars on the streets, trains and gunslingers –  all waiting for your one careless step. The arenas are set in many different themes like Wild West or medieval Japan.

There are 10 unlockable melee weapons – from standard swords to shovels and…legs. The same applies to guns, 15 kinds of firearms are at your disposal: pistol, shotgun or even a magic wand.  To make your character unique you can customize your fighter with one of many funny hats.

So what are you waiting for? Gather up, draw your sword – showdown is on!


  • Enjoy the intensity and fun of classic couch party games, but with more violence
  • A wide range of dynamic levels with environmental hazards
  • Unlockable weapons and HATS!
  • Fight against your friends in local multiplayer, or play against the bots in one of the many versus modes