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p, 2g9, s3, ie, z, 2, 4t6, oo, o, iy, 0u, nq, Alien Hominid Invasion Intro Cinematic Revealed | NintendoSoup
Alien Hominid Invasion Intro Cinematic Revealed

Alien Hominid Invasion Intro Cinematic Revealed

Been waiting patiently for more details on Alien Hominid Invasion? Here’s a new peek at the game’s story!

The Behemoth has released the opening cinematic of the game – which shows its alien protagonist getting shot down to planet Earth. Check it out below:

“Get ready to beam down to earth in Alien Hominid Invasion! It all started 16 years ago… but 16 years have passed, and that brings us to today.

Play the Alien Hominid Invasion demo for free on Steam as a part of PAX Online + EGX Digital on September 12th, 13th, 18th, and 19th (Pacific Time).”

For now, Alien Hominid Invasion is slated for Nintendo Switch – but a release date is yet to be announced. We’ll report back as we hear more.