“All Aboard The Victory Train” Event And More Detailed For Pokemon Masters EX

“All Aboard The Victory Train” Event And More Detailed For Pokemon Masters EX

DeNA has published a new message from the Pokemon Masters EX development team, detailing some new events and updates heading to the game.

The details include information about the next special event for Pokemon Masters EX called “All Aboard The Victory Train” which introduces the Unova Region subway bosses Ingo and Emmet to the game. The message also discusses some upcoming quality of life changes such as no stamina cost for main story missions, an expanded daycare, and more.

You can check out a summary of the key details below, along with a trailer for the new event:

  • All Aboard The Victory Train event starts June 30th
    • The Battle Subway masters Ingo and Excadrill & Emmet & Archeops will be added to the game as part of the story.
  • QoL Updates
    • Main Story stages will not consume Stamina.
    • You can now store 500 Pokémon from the Day Care.
    • Descriptions for certain passive skills and moves will be improved.
  • Future Events
    • A Rock-Type Gear Event will run from July 8th which gives 3 Star Rock-type Gear. All battles of this event will be Co-Op.
    • A Rock and Ground-type Egg Event will run on July 12th, alongside a Legendary Arena for Moltes.
    • A new Seasonal Story event featuring new seasonal Sync Pairs will run in Mid July.
    • A Sync Pair- UUp Event will run in late July to give players a chance to add new Sync Pairs.
  • Next message scheduled for Late July.

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